One of the most basic yet vital skills any business owner or manager must master is to know about people management, and under people management comes employee motivation. A good manager must know how to motivate the employees in order to keep the focused and with positive energy. Remember that it is the motivation and hard work of your employees that will help your business attain its bottom line.

But what exactly is this motivation that everyone seems to be talking about? There are so many definitions of motivation, but the most basic one that is applicable in any business setting is that motivation is an employee’s innate enthusiasm towards and the drive to accomplish the set goals in the work place. Here are some tips to help with employee motivation.

Providing Feedback Often

As a manager, you need to provide regular feedback to your employees so as to keep them motivated. Employees need to know how they are doing or performing at work for them to be motivated. As a matter of fact, this is human nature because we all want to know the progress that our efforts are making. An employee would want to know when they have done a task well and when the results are disappointing, but they want to know about it while they still can fix the problems. Blame helps nobody, feedback does.

When giving feedback, whether positive or negative, the tone that you use will go a very long way in helping keep employees motivated. Set up a weekly or monthly schedule and ensure you give feedback so as employees know that you are working with them to influence the outcome of the projects assigned to them. The most important thing is avoiding a sudden surge of (often negative) feedback at the end of a project, instead of gently guiding your employees in the direction of success.

Giving Praise and Showing Appreciation

The second way to motivate your employees is to use simple yet powerful motivational words when communicating to your employees to demonstrate that you value the people working under you. Using simple words as “thank you”, “please” and “you are doing a wonderful job” will all go along way in helping boost the morale of employees. It is not surprising to know that for many employees, feeling appreciated on their job is almost as valuable as money, and many employees will look for greener pastures if their boss is unable to share on the praise.

Rewarding Your Employees

Rewarding employees has also been cited by many as a great morale booster in any working environment. While it is not always possible to reward an employee every time they do a successful project, setting up a timeline, say on an annual basis where an “employee of the year” is rewarded with gifts can help keep all employees motivated and work hard towards winning that coveted price of being recognised as the employee of the year. Even taking your team for lunch after a particularly stressful project can make a lot of difference in terms of motivating them to give 100%.

Being Open To Communication

Implementing an open door policy where employees can share ideas, talks, and air their concerns can also ensure that managers clearly understand the problems facing employees. Just the thought that their problems are being addressed by the right channel is motivation enough to keep employees going. It is important that employees know that their ideas and concerns are respected. Couple this with the above point about giving praise when it’s due and you will be in the right path to gaining the trust of your employees.

Encouraging Employee Involvement

Last but not least, you can also keep employees motivated throughout by including them in the company decision making process for basic yet consequential aspects of the company. While you do not have to consult employees when hiring or firing people, or when increasing their salaries, asking for their opinions on different matters affecting the company can help motivate them. By seeking employee opinion, you are showing them that they are an important part of the company hence their opinion matters a lot.

As is evidence, employee motivation may take many different forms, but the bottom line is to know how to positively influence the mind of the employees.

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