Asia has always captured the imagination of the occident, and Asian inspired home decor with its richness and elegance is a trend that never seem to fade. Asian decor is minimalistic and of simple lines, but thanks to its bright colours and rich, textured fabrics it is anything but boring. If you want to give your home an elegant, intriguing and exotic look, Asian inspired interior decor is one of your best choices.

Asian home decor is often made with quality fabrics, materials and accessories, which usually means it is not cheap, especially if you are looking at high-end, solid wood furniture. For that reason furnishing your entire house in this exotic style may be too costly. Most people choose a few select rooms, such as the bathroom, dining room or even their bedrooms and focus on creating an Asian-inspired theme in those. However, it is also possible to decorate on a budget by mixing Asian- inspired accessories and materials with minimalistic home decor furniture, especially with dark colours.

Accessorising with Asian Style Elements

Dining rooms can look astonishing decorated in an Asian style, and you can easily introduce oriental accessories such as table servings, china tea sets, copper Buddha sculptures or Japanese statuettes. Asian paper screens are also great for small flats or open plan apartments that need an efficient use of space, since they can help create cozy, intimate spaces. Dark, rich furniture is often complimented by red and golden fabrics, specially those with beautiful patterns of flowers and dragons painted on silk. Small paper lanterns can also be used to great effect, and there are also lamp shades made of rice paper that create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Other elements that can help you create an oriental themed atmosphere are indoor fountains and Asian artwork with minimal, light frames.

Bathrooms are also a great place to introduce some oriental style home decor in your home, adding a touch of both relaxation and luxury. You can combine a tall clear vase with some pebbles and live bamboo shoots for an instant oriental feel. Candles in rich colours, such as black, pure white or red also help create a relaxing atmosphere, as do incense or oil burners with oriental motives. Try to keep things uncluttered and aim for a clean, light feeling for best results.

Using Oriental Home Decor For a Romantic Bedroom

With its luxury fabrics and soft lights, oriental style home decorating is probably one of the easiest ways of creating a romantic environment in your bedroom. It is worth investing in high quality textiles that not only look nice, but also feel great, to encourage a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. You can use comfortable cushions in contrasting colours to decorate, and beautifully carved statuettes and candles to set the perfect mood.
Oriental screens are effective at hidding things such as the dirty clothes basket, or to grant some privacy for the sleeping area in the case of open plan studios and apartments, without blocking the light. If you want to use Asian screens for decorative purposes only, beautiful inscriptions using chinese or japanese character are an option to consider.

Things to avoid

One of the problems with Asian themed home decor projects is that they can look excessive or garish if not done properly. Think cheap Chinese restaurant instead of beautiful Japanese temple, and make sure you never get there. If you do not have much money, it is better to invest in a few high quality pieces than overcrowding your rooms with bad quality ones that will look tacky.

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