For many mothers (and a growing number of fathers) going back to work after their children are born is a painful decision. However, economic constraints may make it a necessity. If you are considering taking a part time job away from home you may want to consider starting a home business and working from home instead. We have chosen 5 working from home ideas that are suitable for a wide variety of people as they demand different skills and work both as full time or part time.

Selling Crafts

The Internet has been a blessing for people looking to start a home business, particularly if you are keen on making a profit from a hobby such as handmade jewelry, candle-making or card-making.  Nobody needs to know that the person behind those awesome designs and that cute online store is actually a business stay at home mum or dad! Selling handmade crafts is not only popular, but also very practical if you need to fit work alongside the demands of a small child, as you can set up your own schedule easily.

Online Writing

If you have a good grasp of English or other languages you can earn money writing both for private clients, and content writing sites. If you are interested in writing for money you need to consider that you will need to set aside some distraction free time, so if you are homeschooling or your kids need lots of attention it may not be a good idea. However, this can be perfect for parents with small babies, as they can keep an eye on them easily while writing. If you want to make money on your own terms and without deadlines you can take the, admittedly slower, route of writing for revenue share sites or your own blog, and exploring affiliate marketing as an extra passive revenue source. Among the many working from home ideas you can find, online writing is one of the most popular. It has a low entry barrier, all you need is a computer and an internet connection, and if you are skilled it can be really profitable.


If you have professional experience as a consultant you may want to consider getting some clients to work with on an entirely remote basis. While starting a consulting business is not for the unexperienced is a potentially very profitable business idea, provided you have the experience and contacts to impress new clients. From social media consultants to SEO and web design, the web is full of businesses that need a hand optimising their processes. This can be a great option for parents whose children are old enough to go to school for a few hours a day, as it can be very demanding, and you don’t want to be on a videoconference with a client with a crying baby on the background and splatters of baby food on your suit. Perfect if you are looking for working from home ideas that are client-facing and can use existing specialist skills.

Virtual Assistants

A virtual assistant does the same kind of jobs as a PA, but online. This can range from scheduling appointments to managing contractors or writing down emails, and is usually a very flexible arrangement where you can set your own hours as long as the job gets done. Most VA work for several clients at the same time, and you can make a full time income from it without having to leave your home. If you are worried about going insane because you are no longer going to an office, this kind of job offers variety and a reasonable income. More and more start-ups and small business are looking for VAs that have knowledge of accounting, or experience as a personal assistant or secretary. All you need is a good phone line, internet and a computer.

Private Tutoring And Childcare

While the requirements to start a child care business on your home are usually much more demanding than for other stay at home small business choices, it is nonetheless a great option if you have a background on child care and enough room at home to dedicate some space to work. If you are homeschooling your children you may consider tutoring other children for money, from private music lessons to dedicated student support. This is a great way of making sure your children play and interact with other kids. Keep in mind that your local regulations may define what sort of tutoring you can do, and what sort of checks or certifications you need beforehand.

Other potential working from home ideas for stay at home parents are independent seller of products such as candles or makeup from well known brands, or even being a shopping advisor or a stylist. Working from home and taking care of your children is not only possible, but rewarding and totally worth it.

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