Write for Us!

If you want to write for us please send us a small pitch using the contact form below and we’ll get back in touch if we can publish your article on our website.

Our requirements to publish content on our site are simple, but non-negotiable. We reserve the right to not publish your pitch or article at our sole discretion, so if you are not sure please send us a pitch with your idea first, before spending a lot of effort writing the full article.

Content submitted for publication at NonsenseCollection must:

  • Be unique and unpublished elsewhere online. You must be able to confirm in writing that the content won’t be published elsewhere if we choose it for publication.
  • Have correct spelling and grammar. We are happy to do minor editing but we won’t consider content that is clearly spun or in need of extensive editing.
  • Be fully owned by you. We can’t publish content to which you don’t hold exclusive rights.
  • Have at least one image which you can legally use (either from the public domain or one whose license you own).

Link policy
We understand that links are important to create a great user experience. As such we are happy to accept content that links to third parties provided:

  • The number of links is not excessive (more than one link every 300 words could be considered so)
  • All the websites linked are relevant to the topic, and follow Google’s Content Guidelines
  • The anchor text is not misleading

Articles that include rich media, such as YouTube videos, will have said media embedded. Embedded media doesn’t count as a link, and people loves it.

We are afraid at this point we don’t accept articles with affiliate links.